Table of Contents

Road to Failure: Echoes from the Past

Table of Contents



Part I: Early Colonial Period

Chapter 1. The Road to the Revolutionary War: Difficult Beginnings

Chapter 2. Thirst for Wealth

Chapter 3: The Shot Heard Around the World

Chapter 4: Our Brothers, the Loyalist

Part II: Post-Revolutionary War Period

Chapter 5: “Brain Drain,” Loss of the Loyalist (

Chapter 6: “Shunning” by the British

Chapter 7: The Critical Period and Near Collapse of the Economy

Chapter 8: Land Rich, Cash Poor

Part III: Articles of Confederation to the Constitution

Chapter 9: Shays’ Rebellion

Chapter 10: Democracy: Popular Vote vs. State Ratification

Part IV: The Formative Years: 1789 to 1812

Chapter 11: Whiskey Rebellion

Chapter 12: Aaron Burr

Chapter 13: Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions

Chapter 14: Louisiana Purchase

Chapter 15: Manifest Destiny and Wars, Wars and more Wars

Part V: Slavery

Chapter 16: In the Old & New Worlds

Chapter 17: America’s Solutions

Part VI: Tariffs: 1783 to 1861

Chapter 18: Overview of the need for money

Chapter 19: Tariffs of 1789 to 1832

Chapter 20: South Carolina Nullification Act

Chapter 21: Tariff of 1833

Chapter 22: Morrill Tariff of 1861

Part VII: Today

Chapter 22: What the Wrong Road has Cost Us.

Epilogue: Options


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