May’s Top Ten 100+ Year Old Books

Books, Journal & Newspaper Articles and Broadsides

Author and Title

Denton, Daniel. A brief description of New York, formerly called New Netherlands, with the places thereunto adjoining.

George III. Royal Proclamation Given at Our Court at St. James’s, the 7th Day of October, 1763, in the Third Year of Our Reign. [Rewarding American Colonist for participation in French and Indian War], .

Galloway, Joseph. Observations on the Fifth Article of the Treaty with America: and on the Necessity of Appointing a Judicial Enquiry into the Merits and Losses of the American Loyalists.

Taylor, John. An Inquiry into the Principles and Policy of the Government of the United States.

Davis, Matthew L. Memoirs of Aaron Burr Complete.

O’Callaghan, E. B. ed. Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New-York. (15 Volumes)

Hardy, Thomas Duffus, Sir, ed. Syllabus (in English) of the documents relating to England and Other Kingdoms Contained in the Collections Known as “Rymer’s Fœdera”.

Creighton, Mandell, ed. The English Historical Review.

Tyler, Moses Coit. “The Party of the Loyalist in the American Revolution,” The American Historical Review.

Paston, George. Little Memoirs of the Eighteenth Century.


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